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April 6, 2013

Just an update on the Healing Service which took place last Saturday. A group of us gathered each week for 4 weeks to pray, and fast for this service. We only wanted what the Lord wanted, and so we went early Saturday and began praising and praying. At the beginning of the service a brother took his shofar and blew it around the outside of the building and then in the front of the congregation. The service began. We read the Words of healing along with the anointed songs sung to the Lord. We called this gathering “The Tent of Meeting” where God would meet His people. Some of the healing teams gave their testimonies of their own healings from the Lord; then faith began to rise. As folks kept coming into the building (80 of them), the presence of the Lord began to fall. The healing teams started praying for the sick, and below are the results. What a powerful move of God.

  • A man’s arm was healed of arthritis, which he had for years.
  • Man with Oxygen tank and tubes, was instantly healed. He removed the tank and was breathing normally.
  • Blood disease resulting in bumps on face of young man – instantly healed. Bumps disappeared.
  • Young woman with addiction of alcohol set free and then she received the Baptism of Holy Spirit
  • Back pains lifted off of a few folks
  • Woman with severe cough and fever and pains in leg was healed of all.
  • Woman with diabetes was changed instantly.
  • Man who was Bi-Polar was instantly changed.
  • Depression was gone from some.
  • Folks with knee problems were healed
  • A move of repentance and inner healing
  • Woman with addictions healed
We know that there were many more good reports, and we praise the Lord for He gets all the glory. We have been asked to have another such Healing Service, but we shall have to see what the Lord wants. Remember, “He sent His word to heal them.”



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